Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The hat that won the West

Boss of the Plains
What we have here is a master Hatter who goes prospecting in the Wild West. Like Levi Straus he made a garment out of tent material, in this case a hat. We do not know the details on that particular hat. He prospected for gold for a year after selling that hat. He opened a hat shop in Philadelphia. A year later he invented the "Boss of the plains," Stetson hat.
Wyatt Earp
The model that won the west and established a legend, later to be called a cowboy hat, looked pretty much like a flying saucer. Flat brimmed, with a straight sided rounded crown and a simple band.Buffalo Bill
These hats were sold to just about everyone from over 2800 locations all around the world. When people returned East for whatever reason. If they wanted to look the part of a successful Westerner they came home in a Stetson. This was a visual image and the allure of the west.Tom Mix

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